We want to inspire entrepreneurs to be leaders driven by an E.S.C. approach: Ethics, Sustainability and Creativity.

ESC is the button of the keyboard we use to manifest our life. We believe we need to press the ESC button to Escape mediocrity and the status quo, to Start thinking out of the box and to Create a better world.

We want to reward those entrepreneurs who are shaping a better world, together with you throughout an open vote.


The Atlas Award is intended to give the public recognition to entrepreneurs, whose Hungarian companies are shaping a better world.

Afterwards a qualified jury will verify the conformity of the admission requirements and identify the winner between the highest-ranking entrepreneurs.
The prize will be awarded during the Budapest Business Party 2019 (7th June) organized by ITL Group.

Applications can be submitted by everyone within the deadline (28th May 2019) by filling this form. You will receive an automated email to validate your vote (check the SPAM and move the email to your Inbox).
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